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  • Thursday , Feb 1 , 2018
Pinal County working with the AZ State Land Dept to Begin work on Gantzel Road Extension

Pinal County working with the AZ State Land Dept to Begin work on Gantzel Road Extension

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Since 2002, the idea of connecting Gantzel Road to Hunt Highway has been in the plans for Pinal County.

To the 90,000+ residents who live in the area, that road is past due.

The residents of San Tan Valley are not the only ones anxious to get the project going, Pinal County Public Works is as well.

"We have a $4 million dollar fund from Salt River Project (SRP) that will allow us to bury overhead power lines and improve the aesthetics of the project," Public Works Director Louis Andersen said. "Just to be clear, that money will disappear if we don't get this project going before the end of the year."

So, what is the hold up?

Currently, the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) is working with a local farmer to get the land needed to connect Gantzel Road to Hunt Highway. The farmer is working the land owned by ASLD that had been leased to him until 2015 when the lease ran out.

Pinal County, by state law, will pay over $300,000 for improvements the farmer made to the land owned by ASLD.

"ASLD has assured Pinal County that we will get the right-of-way permits," County Manager Greg Stanley said. "We bonded for this extension of Gantzel Road and this is a high priority for the Board of Supervisors."

Construction is expected to begin September 2017.



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