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  • Thursday , Feb 1 , 2018

Fortis Development Begins Master Planning for Massive Multi Use Development in San Tan Valley

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About a month ago, a developer met with Pinal County to discuss a site plan pre-application for a potential project.  Unlike most developers who are looking to build homes in San Tan Valley, this developer has a different idea ... bring entertainment to the San Tan Valley community.

Fortis Development and Queen Creek XVIII, LLC, who owns the Links at Queen Creek public golf course, have partnered for a joint venture.  They are hoping to bring a mixed use, master-planned development to the southeast corner of Ironwood Road and Ocotillo in San Tan Valley, AZ, called The Ironwood District.

According to a release, Fortis is planning the site for a hotel, multi-family apartment units, up to 300,000 square feet of entertainment, dining, fitness and other retail uses with 50 acres of engineered, platted single-family residential lots all thoughtfully designed with lakes and 15 acres of open space.

"Developed to meet the exploding demand of the far-east valley, The Ironwood District will serve the immediate neighborhood which has over 1,100 homes under construction with thousands more planned or being platted. Located just South of the new construction of State Route 24 at Ironwood Road (projected completion date 2020), the project has convenient access to highway infrastructure and is minutes away from Queen Creek, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa and the surrounding cities of the East Valley, as well and providing exciting new dining and shopping opportunities for the growing San Tan Valley and beyond." 

With most of San Tan Valley zoned for residential, one wonders how much needs to be done or changed in order to allow a project such as this one to build in San Tan Valley.  

"The frontage of the golf course along Ironwood is already zoned CB-2 (commercial) so no rezoning would be required for this project," said Himanshu Patel, Community Development Director for Pinal County. "Maybe a Planned Area Development (PAD) amendment based on if the proposed uses are not allowed in the existing PAD."

While this project is in its early development stages, many are excited to see the project progress.  "Not knowing what's coming for sure is a bit of a bummer", said San Tan Valley resident Chloe Perkins, "but knowing something is coming is pretty exciting."

Again this project is simply a concept at this time. The developer is still "shopping around" and nothing is guaranteed to develop. The developer does have some concerns with the county's impact fees, which are considerably higher than the Town of Queen Creek's impact fees for example.  Developing in San Tan Valley however allows the developer to take advantage of a significantly lower county construction sales tax as well as no city transaction sales tax, which provides a greater financial benefit to the project.

Below is a preliminary site plan for the project.
(Click the image to enlarge the photo)


The Ironwood District Master Land Plan is displayed below.  Development will build where currently the Links Queen Creek golf course sits.
(Click the image to enlarge the photo)


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