San Tan Valley is an unincorporated, census designated area, located in northeastern Pinal County.

In Arizona, counties are not able to provide fire protection services, leaving unincorporated areas without access to fire protection.   Rural Metro Fire, a private company, decided to provide services to the area back in the late 1980s, allowing the community access to fire services.

Rural Metro Fire is the current fire protection provider in San Tan Valley, operating on an individual subscription basis in San Tan Valley. This means fire protection and emergency medical services are not paid for through taxes and residents are responsible for establishing a fire service account directly with Rural Metro Fire.  

The annual membership subscription can be setup to be paid monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. The annual fees are based on the total square footage of the property to be protected.

**Subscription to Rural Metro Fire may make you eligible for discounted rates on your homeowners insurance.**

Non-members are billed for fire service. Homeowner’s insurance might only cover a fraction of the bill, leaving the property owner responsible for the difference. With your annual subscription you will avoid costly, non-member hourly rates for response to your property.

Rural Metro Fire has three primary responding fire stations in San Tan Valley.

You can learn more about Rural Metro Fire here.

You can call to subscribe for services by calling 480-627-6700 or by clicking here to subscribe online.

Need to make a payment? You can do so here.